Fall 2019 Collection

Inspired by the rich shades of green flora that create a mystical forrest, contrasted with sporadic bold floral tones and patterns, the Paige 1912 and Pursue Victory Fall 2019 line brings to life the timeless colors of Mother Nature. Let us enjoy and be thankful for all that it be.

Pursue Victory

Pursue Victory Functional Fitting Classic Tailored Shirt
Moss Green
Forrest Green

Trending Collection

Paige 1912, an off shoot of Pursue Victory’s classic tailored shirt, adds a high fashion, western flare to our tailored fit, Alberta manufactured shirt.  Paige 1912 styles are named after influential cities in high fashion and the wild west back in 1912 such as; Salinas, Cheyenne, Pendleton, Paris and Prescott to name a few!

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